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After our initial contact you will be able to schedule editing appointments on a booking calendar so you can secure your client turnaround time and plan ahead.

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Pricing for editing and retouching varies depending on your needs. It can include editing in your style, color correction, composite and blending work, removal of requested elements like light switches, and more.

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Outsourcing your photo editing can be nerve wracking for many interior photographers. But as we collaborate and communicate to dial in your preferences, I will really become an extension of you. Feeling confident in your final interior images is really important, and with good communication we will be able to make that happen. 

Here at Marcie Meredith and Co. you will be working one on one with a person who believes in and supports your work, not just someone who is rushing to check off a box and finish X amount of jobs that day. It is a personalized experience that hopefully ends in a long-term working relationship!

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Consistency in my images is incredibly important to me and Marcie does a wonderful job of achieving that. Editing is no longer such a time suck! I would highly recommend working with her! 

"I tried at least 4 other editors before I found Marcie. Nobody else seemed to be able to match my style and be consistent in the editing."

I work significantly less because of outsourcing which has been incredibly life changing with growing our family. I believe I've gained time and money back. I'm able to take on other work because I'm not stuck behind my computer all day and I've been able to spend all day with my daughter.

"I've loved outsourcing so much! It's been an easy transition and so simple."

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Marcie is an excellent editor and her eye for matching film and digital is unmatched! She quickly learned my style and incorporated feedback as necessary. I always feel completely confident when I send her a gallery that the edits I get back will be excellent! Marcie is such an important part of my business and I value her contributions so much!

"I have more time to spend with my kids instead of in front of the computer."


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There never seems to be enough time to do everything. I totally understand. Let's take one of the most time consuming tasks off your plate so you can spend your time on all these other important tasks. 

- Advertising
- Maintaining gear
- Networking events
- Publishing
- Bookkeeping
- Travel

- Editing
- Emailing
- Social media
- Online galleries
- Client meetings
- Site visits

Do you find yourself drowning in work?
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