I’ve been in the photography world for over 12 years shooting weddings and interiors, private editing, coaching photographers, and most recently creating Heirloom Presets. 

My specialty is working with photographers to elevate their editing and create their signature style. Having edited almost 1000 weddings for myself and my clients, I feel called to focus on helping photographers excel in their photo editing through Lightroom presets and education.

I do take a limited amount of editing clients each year and photograph projects when I am able. Always keep that creativity and fun flowing!

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I am here to help you create stunning images you are PROUD to showcase.

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Are you tired of your images looking like everyone else in your market? Can you imagine spending quality time with family instead of 12+ hours a day behind your computer? Wouldn’t it be amazing to shoot in any location and still end up with a consistent style?

Listen, you don’t need to figure everything out on your own. In fact that can be a lonely, frustrating, looong road… Get off that train!

My mission is to provide support, direction, and editing solutions to photographers who are ready to take their business to the next level. 


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I can't live without - dr pepper

favorite tv show - friends

current hobby - home decor

passionate about - health

guilty pleasure - ya novels

i'll see you at - target

- katie james

It wasn’t easy finding someone we could trust, but we are so happy that we found Marcie! 

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The Consistent Editing Roadmap

Consistency in your editing style is often a difficult task to achieve. Here is your step by step roadmap to nailing consistent, cohesive editing with a film style.

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