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As a photographer and editor, I have developed a keen eye for the little details. I always approach spaces and images with the intent to bring out the best. You can rest assured, knowing I am all about quality not quantity.

It is thrilling to step into jaw dropping spaces and makes me feel lucky to be able to capture photos that bring it to life. My style is bright, clean, and editorial in nature. I am always drawn to beautiful home design and hope to collaborate with like-minded creatives.  

Please reach out so I can share all I have to offer for your homes, including MLS images, Airbnb and rentals, portfolio, and social media needs!

I also take a limited about of editing clients each year. They are extremely talented and I am so lucky I always get to edit such gorgeous images!

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marcie has been featured in:

I can't live without - dr pepper

favorite tv show - friends

current hobby - home decor

passionate about - health

guilty pleasure - ya novels

i'll see you at - target

- katie james

It wasn’t easy finding someone we could trust, but we are so happy that we found Marcie! 

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