High level style development sessions designed to create your unique editing process, minimize guesswork and inconsistency, and help you fall in love with your work.

signature style sessions


This is the day we create your signature editing style.

This is the day we create your signature editing style.

let me tell you how

You could be THAT photographer. The one who is sought after because of their captivating, magnetic style. You could look inconsistency and frustration in the rear view mirror because they are now out of your life.


This is the ultimate editing style development that you have never experienced. Not your run-of-the-mill coaching session. If you are ready to up-level your photography, this is it.  

all it takes is a little pixie dust

welcome to

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This might be just what you need if...

You are never fully confident about your photos and feel like they always seem to be missing something.

You don't realize how many hours you have been editing ONE job until dinnertime comes around and your family is wondering where you are.

You spend hours pouring over and admiring every other photographers' work and never your own. 

You tried the DIY route and bought preset after preset because you couldn't get your photos to look right. Or maybe bought course after course!

how you are feeling right now? Really?

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"Marcie helped me refine my editing look. I would highly recommend working with her! "

I was having trouble achieving the final look I wanted and she helped me customize presets that absolutely have made my images change for the better! 

Here's What You Need:


It's time to obsess about YOUR work. Comparisonitis is a term used for obsessing and worrying about every other photographer is doing compared to you. 


How many other business tasks do you need to get done today? Probably at least 237 that you can think of right now. Spend precious time on some of those, not editing!

skills to achieve your style quickly

Understanding the essential Lightroom skills is key to not over editing and wasting time. Learn what is important so you don't have to feel overwhelm and sheer frustration.

book session

High level style development sessions designed to create your unique editing process, minimize guesswork and inconsistency, and help you fall in love with your work.

signature style sessions


Be Inspired

It all starts with your hopes and dreams. We will discover your desired style direction through research and self reflection. This is in preparation for the video calls and will include a questionnaire, mood board, and preset selection.

let's break it down

before the calls

Here's the process:

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Lightroom magic

In the first 90 minute call we will dive into Lightroom and the nitty gritty of what it takes to turn inspiration into action. I will show you essential editing tools and helpful tips you might not be doing to improve your workflow. We will customize the preset you choose to work with. Discussing ways to improve shooting is also something we will tackle. Then I give you homework!

zoom call one

book session

4 weekly reviews

I'm not just going to teach you and then say "ok until next time!" Nope! You can send me a Lightroom catalog during each of the 4 weeks between your zoom sessions and I'll send a video review! There's nothing worse than trying to implement what you've learned and have questions or frustrations pop up without anyone to ask!

editing coach

book session

Refine + live edit

The second 90 minute call will be scheduled 4 weeks later, and will focus on reviewing images you've practiced on, refining processes you have implemented, and learning how to speed up editing. As a bonus I will edit 50 anchor images live from a recent wedding of yours!


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Curate + Evaluate

At this point you are implementing your new editing workflow like a rockstar! Don't forget that it's important to continue critiquing and curating your work. You'll have cheat sheets, notes, and recordings to refer back to.


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The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

book session

You will have a new customized preset for your signature style

Lightroom will no longer be your enemy now that you have slick new skills

Applying the new editing process will save more and more time as you improve

Exude self confidence and you'll be obsessed with YOUR images

An elevated, consistent style will even allow you to charge more for your services

Once you book your session we can start all the prep work! Filling out a questionnaire, creating style inspiration, choosing a preset.

1. Book + prep work

The first call is all about translating your style vision in Lightroom. Utilizing the most important tools, workflow, and shooting techniques.

2. ZOOM call one

We review your edits, refine your preset if needed, and speed up editing. I will also edit 50 images from one of your weddings on the call!

3. ZOOM call two

How it works

book session

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get started!

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"I have more time to spend with my kids instead of in front of the computer."

Marcie is an excellent editor and her eye for matching film and digital is unmatched! She quickly learned my style and incorporated feedback as necessary. I always feel completely confident when I send her a wedding gallery that the edits I get back will be excellent! Marcie is such an important part of my business and I value her contributions so much!

"Marcie's feedback is clear and consistent. She’s really helped me become better at editing!"

Working with Marcie is unlike any outsourcing experience! Her work is thorough and feedback is clear and consistent. She’s really helped me become better at editing! Using Heirloom means consistent edits, every time. I no longer hop between different preset packs to achieve my go-to hues across various lighting situations. Her collection makes it all too easy to achieve a clean film look!

This could be you....

"I started working with Marcie about a month before I became a mama, and let me tell you, this was the best decision EVER."

Allowing Marcie to take the reins of editing my weddings has given me TIME to invest more in my client experience, and most importantly, my family. Working with her has truly been a gift!

Twelve years ago I
started my photography journey. DIY style.

I have always been the type of person who has to figure things out on my own. As motivated solopreneurs, I think many of us are. Editing full weddings in Photoshop until I figured out that Lightroom was life changing. Taking 20+ hours to edit full weddings. Watching free courses, paid courses, workshops. Reading endless articles and pdfs promising to help me win. Burning the midnight oil. 

Oh my gosh it can be frustrating and lonely and time consuming.
I didn't realize, it really doesn't have to be that way.

i promise i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

book session

These one-to-one sessions are so unique because...

the experience is custom tailored for a speedy transformation.

able to have weekly loom reviews in between our zoom calls

Over time I think education has improved, however I learned that there is nothing more valuable and has a faster transformation than personal interaction. Working with a real live human who will see your work and guide you from where you are at is the difference.

So the question is. Are you done with DIY yet? Isn't it time to put your trust in an outside expert who has spent the last 6 years completely immersed in editing? And a total of 12 years in the wedding industry? I would absolutely love the opportunity to be your guide. I will be your Obi-Wan Kenobi. (And yes my dog's name is Obi...)

book session

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total $750


This      for you if:

you are a wedding photographer

you won't do the work between calls

you have a vision for your style

you are a lightroom wizard

you are done with a diy approach

It's probably        for you if...

you already have a signature style



Let's do this thing.


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“It wasn’t easy finding someone we could trust, but we are so happy that we found Marcie!”

- katie

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The Consistent Editing Roadmap

Consistency in your editing style is often a difficult task to achieve. Here is your step by step roadmap to nailing consistent, cohesive editing with a film style.

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