It Doesn't Have to be This Way

You’re thrilled to start your wedding season with all your awesome new clients! However, slowly you find yourself drowning in work…

You need to release some of the work you DON’T LOVE so you can keep doing what you DO LOVE!

Oh my gosh I feel you! There seems to never be enough time to do everything. It’s all about setting up a killer workflow to maximize efficiency!

- Editing
- Emailing
- Social media
- Online galleries
- Print orders
- Client meetings
- Vendor meetings
- Site visits

- Designing albums
- Packaging prints
- Post office runs
- Advertising
- Maintaining gear
- Workshops
- Publishing
- Bookkeeping

Does this sound familiar?

It might seem overwhelming or foreign to think of sending your photos out for someone else to edit. The goal is always to be an extension of you! With good communication and direction we will be able to deliver images that you are really happy with! 

It's time to outsource editing and get your time back!

Add any finishing touches and send out your photos. Boom. Happy clients thrilled to see their photos so quickly! Not to mention you get to go relax and binge watch a new Netflix series- without your computer! Say what??

Once you import your edited catalog, all the adjustments we have made will be applied to your original files. We always welcome feedback once you review your images so that we can add notes to your profile and learn your style better! 

We use Lightroom smart previews catalogs. They are amazing and small in size so they are easily shared online. No need to send huge RAW files! The editor sees the image just as you see it. 

After working with editing clients for 3 years now, I have refined the best workflow specifically for outsourcing that benefits both you and your editor. 

I will set up a shared Dropbox folder where we send/receive jobs and keep a client profile, sample images, and instructions. You will also be able to book your editing dates at the beginning of each quarter.

We will discuss your goals and how to help you achieve them, as well as your style and aesthetic. You’ll have the opportunity to speak with your editor and show them your style and process directly through a screen share video call.

6 your clients

5 delivery

4 the edit

3 workflow

2 get set up

1 let's chat

The Editing Process


tenth & grace photography 

tanya menoni

I decided to outsource my editing several years ago, and it was one of the best decisions I've made! It frees up so much time that I can devote to other areas of my business - not to mention I have more time to spend with my kids instead of in front of the computer. Marcie is an excellent editor and her eye for matching film and digital is unmatched! She quickly learned my style and incorporated feedback as necessary. I always feel completely confident when I send her a wedding gallery that the edits I get back will be excellent! Marcie is such an important part of my business and I value her contributions so much!" 

Working with Marcie has been absolutely incredible! I have two small kids and finding a good balance between work and motherhood has been my biggest struggle since starting my photography business.

What People are Saying


cavin elizabeth photography


Working with Marcie has been absolutely amazing. With my other editors, I'd have to spend hours correcting the work but now with Marcie it's easily under 30 minutes just for me to review the photos. They're always spot-on and I now save so much time and headache by working with her! Editing is no longer such a time suck! Marcie has even helped me refine my editing look. I was having trouble achieving the final look I wanted and she helped me customize presets that absolutely have made my images change for the better! I would highly recommend working with her! 

I tried at least 4 other editors before I found Marcie. Nobody else seemed to be able to match my style and be consistent in the editing. Consistency in my gallery is incredibly important to me and Marcie does a wonderful job of achieving that.

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elisabeth carol photography


I work significantly less because of outsourcing which has been incredibly life changing with growing our family. I believe I've gained time and money back. I'm able to take on other work because I'm not stuck behind my computer all day and I've been able to spend all day with my daughter. If I wasn't outsourcing, we would have to put my daughter in daycare which would be significantly more expensive. The questionnaire and conversations I've had with Marcie in the beginning really helped nail down what I was looking for and how to still achieve a consistent editing style.

I've loved outsourcing so much! It's been an easy transition and so simple. Editing has been consistent with my style every time. I love getting images back in a timely manner while I get to enjoy other aspects of my business and family life. 

What People are Saying

Yes it’s definitely beneficial to work with the same editor because they can get really dialed into your style. You can have conversations with them and give feedback. It is highly personalized! 

Will I have the same editor every time?

I create a detailed preferences profile to keep on hand. I reference images that you pre-edit on each job, overall style sample images, and website/social media to edit your catalogs. There may be a small learning curve but with good communication I'll be able to match your style in no time!


Color and exposure correction, tone curves, HSL adjustments, detail preferences, lens profiles, etc. Straightening/cropping is also included. 

Right now I work in Lightroom only. I can do Lightroom brushwork adjustments like blemish removal/skin softening and fairly simple object removal for an additional charge.  

What types of Lightroom EDITS are made? 

Do you retouch skin and remove objects?

I use an editing appointment system which is really efficient! Turnaround time is 3 business days from your appointment date. Occasionally we might need to increase turnaround but it will always be communicated if circumstances require us to.


You will need to sign an agreement which relates to the terms and expectations of the process. It is not anything restrictive that requires you to send photos, but I aim to create long term relationships so I can best serve your business and return images you love.

Do I have to sign a contract? 

It is such an extensive process to research and learn your style from the beginning so I want to focus on that instead of sending quick sample edits that may not be exactly what you need. We custom tailor your experience and need continued communication in order to give you images you are really happy with! However, we can definitely send back a handful of edits on your first catalog for you to review before finishing the job. 

Do you offer free sample edits?

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