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Currently Heirloom presets are not jpeg and mobile optimized, though mobile presets are on the horizon! They can be used but you will need to make certain adjustments. Reducing the strength of the profile to 50-75 range can help improve the look as well as decreasing sharpening, contrast and texture. 

Do these work on jpegs and mobile (Lightroom CC)?

Because we like to utilize the most up to date technology, the current version of Heirloom One is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 11 and Adobe Camera Raw 14 and newer. Heirloom B&W Classic is a preset (not profile) and so is compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic 10 and Adobe Camera Raw 13 and newer. We always recommend keeping software updated to the most current available. The presets can be used on any camera. They have been tested on a variety of camera bodies.

What softwares and cameras will Heirloom work with?

Because of the nature of digital products we do not offer refunds for presets. We are able to offer support and guidance to help you get acquainted with using the presets. It is often a quick tip or fix to go from “I’m not sure this is working?” to “Wow that was easy!” If you follow the tutorials included in your purchase you will be well on your way to beautiful edits.

What is your refund policy?

Proper exposure levels for the entire scene, not just your subject, are most ideal when working with Heirloom. Often called exposing for the highlights. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to correct your exposure in post, but the most important thing is that you keep all of the data in your image. If you overexpose the scene in order to expose for the skin you might lose a lot of data and have “blown” highlights that you can’t save. If you are trying to mimic a film aesthetic keep in mind that film retains highlights SO well while simultaneously bringing the scene exposure to a nice level. We can’t do with digital what film does quite as well, so we need to first keep our highlights and then adjust the scene in post production.

What is the best exposure level when shooting for Heirloom presets?

Absolutely not. We know that wedding photographers work in every lighting situation imaginable. Depending on your preferences, you may use different presets for different lighting situations, but all are adaptable. There are also adjustment tools to help combat some of the issues that can arise from artificial lighting. The ‘correct mixed light’ tool, for example, will aid you in correcting for a situation where you might have natural light coming in through a window and an overhead artificial light turned on. It is always recommended to light your subjects in the best possible way in order to achieve your perfect edit, but Heirloom can still thrive in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Does Heirloom only work well with natural light photos?

Definitely! This is often the missing link from a preset to a photographer’s style, which is why we have included a custom preset template and instructions to get you started should you want to modify a favorite preset in any way. How to do this is best explained in our tutorial video for customers. Generally speaking, it can be a great way to speed up editing if you are finding yourself doing a repeated set of adjustments all the time.

Can the presets be adjusted to match my style?


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