Meet Heirloom Presets. New Lightroom profile & preset collections with a timeless aesthetic inspired by film photography.

After 8 years in my own photography business, 4 years of editing for other wedding photographers worldwide, and almost 700 wedding edits later, I've worked with the good and the bad when it comes to presets. I'm so excited to share what I've come up with!

✔ Do you feel exhausted from all the tools in Lightroom and can't figure out what to use?
✔ Can you just not get those skin tones quite right?
✔ Are you stuck in front of your computer editing and re-editing until your photos look right?
✔ Do you buy every preset out there in hopes one works better for you?

new lightroom presets coming your way...

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I'll help you learn what to focus on when creating a film look or matching your film scans in this video training.

3 mistakes to avoid when editing digital to look like film



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