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Are your weddings starting to pile up in your editing queue?

Do turnaround times creep up way faster than you can keep up? Are you getting the “are my photos ready yet?” emails constantly?

What if you had a consistent, predictable schedule with a checklist to make sure everything gets done when it should, and how quickly it should?

does this sound familiar?

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Here's what you'll get:

Detailed checklist with daily tasks from upload to export

Google doc so you can check off tasks and modify if needed

Easy to make a new copy for each client & stay organized 

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Well hello there!

Hi I'm Marcie and I strive to help photographers master Lightroom and develop their editing style so that they can create consistent images and stand out in the market! I'm all about efficient, no- fluff education and kicking overwhelm to the curb.

I have an adorable little family that I get to spend so much time with and I can't help but obsess over some good old reality TV or Target trips!

get your free checklist and get organized!

Break up your editing into manageable pieces so you can keep a consistent workflow without multiple weddings piling up and sending you into complete overwhelm!

Don't spend 12 hours a day until you officially burn out. 

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